The world is changing fast and in often unexpected ways. Knowledge is a key ingredient to successfully dealing with change. Change comes with risks, and we are in the forefront of risk analysis. We are your change experts, able to assist you with solving your problems. State-of-the-art analyses, practical solutions, modeling of scenarios, policy recommendations, trade, fdi, finance, innovation, green economy, and more. Our agile team of experts is experienced in delivering cutting edge research.

We are experts in dealing with structural economic change in times of economic globalization and environmental challenges. Geographically, we focus on Europe and North America, but in an ever-globalizing world, we consider many other regions as well. Past projects have dealt with transatlantic trade and investment issues; sustainability and climate change policies under conditions of competitiveness, practices of public procurement. evaluation of research and teaching facilities, to name but a few.

Our dedicated team of economists, social scientists, and culture experts have gathered deep experience in dealing with processes of structural change, in the economy as well as in politics. Our expertise has been used by governments, civil societry organisations and the private business sector. 


In the 21st century, the project of European Integration is under siege but still the EU is the single-one economic and political space in the world that has moved beyond pure nation-state status. The remaking of the Atlantic Economy is under way, and reaping mutual benefits requires knowledge about politics, economics, and culture of all entities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our team deals with all aspects of TTIP, CETA as well as the many features of European economies and societies.

Modeling and Qualitative Reseasrch

We produce innovative and high-standard content and work with experienced researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. Our cutting-edge research covers a vast range of topics, and we are able to connect with additional expertise in order to serve your needs.